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Kaplan University (KU) was a for-profit college owned by Kaplan, Inc., a subsidiary of the Graham Holdings Company. It was predominantly a distance learning institution, maintaining 14 ground locations across the United States. The university was named in honor of Stanley H. Kaplan, who founded Kaplan Test Prep. It was regionally accredited by the Higher Learning Commission, one of the seven major accrediting bodies in the U.S., but the degrees in certain programs did not have the field-specific accreditation needed for graduates to obtain certification.

Twila of Plattsmouth, NE, a former student of Kaplan said the following in December 2019 about the University on Consumer Affairs:

"I was impressed with Kaplan at first. Was telling me that upon graduation they would help me with my resume, they would help me locate jobs In my field, and even help me apply for them. They are of no help whatsoever! They sure do bug for the money though. I do not think I should have to pay. They did not do their job!!. Two years since graduation and still no help!"


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Former Employee - Allied Health Instructor says

"The company, unfortunately lied to its employees and students consistently over the 2.5 years that it owned the school. Kaplan was a much more student focused company."

James says

"Kaplan books are very unclear, and poorly written. You often have to read the answers to test questions plus their workings to learn anything, because the explanations are so poor. Online videos provided by other bodies are considerably more informative and easier to follow. I would advise learning with another provider and save yourself the frustration of asking repeatedly 'why did Kaplan not bother to make that clear in their books'."

Victor Lozano Cortes says

"Kaplan SCAMMED me, and never returned my money back I paid at the beginning of the year a 2 month course from 14th June to 9th August in Vancouver. Due to the COVID19 outbreak I decided on the 22nd April to cancel it and ask my money back ¡¡¡$3,669 dollars!!! ... they asked me to wait up to 45 working days (23th June) to see my money back on my account but it didn't. I asked them what happened and they asked me to wait until July. On 8th July they told me I would have to wait "a few more WEEKS". Today is the 23th of July (3 months after my course cancellation) and they are not saying a word!! Since the beginning I had troubles with them finding an accommodation and the right course, but I saw nice reviews about them, so I decided to keep going and even pay in full my course 2 months before the starting date. I'm pissed off, and I will take legal actions if they are not giving me my money back soon. They are not answering my calls neither my emails Victor Javier Lozano Cortés"

Dee Clark says

"I studied at Kaplan Boston Fenway and it was not a good experience. Once i arrived in the USA, the school didn't even have a host family set up for me to go. They didn't give me any support on accommodation and transportation as they were supposed to by contract. All of those issues i had to find out myself, with a terrible service from the front desk and director at the time. Also, they didn't do my level test and put me in the beginners level. The teacher was very rude to me. Once i arrived 5 minutes late because i got confused on my stop place, he simply kicked me out of class like a dog. I couldn't even complain with anybody because i was crying to much. They had zero patience with me. I'm not even talking about the harassing from this same teacher with me and other students. Thank God my agency transferred me to Kaplan at Harvad Square."

Darrell Fabian says

"My partner attended this school for 5 months starting August 2019. She is from Colombia. Our experience at Kaplan was very poor. From day 1 her schedule was changed without notice. She put her name down for special classes which were then also changed without notice meaning she arrived at school at the allotted time only to find it changed times without notification. Emails to the director on this topic went unanswered. The teachers varied from reasonable to absolutely useless. Classes were cancelled due to the schools lack of proper air conditioning and when we followed up for replacement times the emails again went unanswered. Only when we involved the migration agency did the school finally respond. Kaplan are using their respected name to charge top dollar but at this school the reputation is undeserved. Highly disappointing and we would not recommend this school at all. ***Response to below response - yes we emailed this address as you requested on another review site. You never responded to same***"

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